All About Hunter Gatherer Diet

Hunter gatherer diet also known as paleo diet might be described as a nutrition plan based on wild animals and plants that our ancestors, millions of years ago (in the Paleolithic time), were used to eat. The contemporary paleo diet or hunter gatherer diet excludes all kinds of processed and farm foods and contains fruits, nuts, fish, meat, roots etc.

The main reason why many people like the diet plan is pretty simple. People in the Paleolithic age were healthy with a strong physique. They were free of illnesses like depression, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes etc. They had a clear eye sight and strong teeth. These diseases and over weight problems arrived with the advancement of science & technology, so why not return to that and live a hale and hearty life.

Even the foods that we get from farms are not allowed in paleo diet such as sugar, potatoes, beans, grains, dairy products etc. You are only allowed to eat meat, fish, plant roots, berries, nuts, fruits etc. which people in Paleolithic age used to consume.

Hunter gatherer diet will lessen the calorie intake and increase the vitamin consumption extensively. In case you want to give it a try, you may start with having this diet plan as a breakfast. At the time when your body gets accustomed to that, you’ll be able to start having it in all three meals.

A popular book on this diet plan called as the Primal Blueprint has been written by Mark Sisson, a former world class endurance sports person with a degree in biology. The primal blueprint diet is just like the hunter gatherer diet. He also described in the book, a few actions which are necessary to build a fit and strong body like moving around slowly, lifting heavy things, lots of sleep etc. Stuff that hunter gatherers were accustomed to do.

There are thousands of diet plans available these days and hundreds are arriving every month, nearly all of which have success rate under 10%. May be moving a few steps back and having the hunter gatherer diet would be the most effective choice for you.

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